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Maple leaf sconces come in 2 sizes: large and medium. Color combinations include: Traditional Fall, gold and drown, gold red brown, summer greens, and midnight blue. 
Calla and Tiger Lily cross sconce
night view, Emerald Green
Brown and Gold
Dark Blue
Calla Lily & Tiger Lily
Cross Sconce

These crosses represent the beauty in the death and resurrection of Christ for us.
They come in many colors  as described:  Deep green - gold,  Tuscan green-gold, red-orange gold with crackle and lace bone colored flower, Blue and Lavender with White lace flower, Lavender with white lace flower,  bronze on gold with a molten bronze flower, to teal on pink with a molten teal flower. 

and Wall Vases
My Maple Leaf Sconces are my signature product because they represent why I named my business "Earthen Vessels Pottery". 

All my products reflect my love for my savior, Jesus.  Every piece I make is made to reflect His creation and represents some of the different ways He has made Himself known to me.

The name "Earthen Vessel" comes from the Bible (2 Cor. 4:6-7).  In many parts of God's word He refers to Himself as the "Master Potter", and to His children as the clay.

God loves you so very much.  Two thousand years ago, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to live amongst men for 33 years. He had to live a perfect, sinless  life according to all of  Gods high standards; a life that no one could ever live.  He had to put aside His diety durring this time and live fully as a man, yet still fully God.  When His work here with us was done, He was crucified on a cruel Roman cross and took upon Himself all of Gods fierce wrath over the sin that man wallows in daily. He willingly became our sacrifice.  He did this to pay for your sin, my sin....and the sin of all mankind, for all time. 

He rose again  on the third day after his death and burial to overcome forever death and the grave; paving the way for all those who would believe on Him and seek Him as thier Savior and King!  He did this because of His great love for you, and because He wants you to live forever with Him...enjoying Him in a perfect eternity filled with abundant life as it was meant to be from before time began. But when man rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden, sin and death entered all of creation, separating man eternally from his Creator and friend. Did you know the bible says that "this is eternal know God and His Son whome He has sent"? (John 3) How simply wonderfull is that?! To know Him......and enjoy Him forever! It's what we were all made for......and in the deepest parts of the souls of those who don't know's what they thirst for....... what they long for.

When we confess our sin to God with a repentant heart (a heart that desires to turn from our sin and our own way of living, to God) (Rom. 3:23, 10: 9-11) and believe in Jesus Christ as Savior, trusting in Him alone to save us from the penalty of our sins, (Rom. 6:23) we become children of God (John 3:3) and He gives us His "Holy Light"; lovingly beginning the life long process of forming our "hearts of clay" into priceless works of art.  He wants to make us beautiful from within, causing our lives to count for eternity.   As He works within our hearts He asks us to let His light shine from within us for all to see, (Mat. 5: 14-16).

I include candlelight in much of my work to reflect God's Holy Spirit given to those who belong to Jesus.  So, when you use your Earthen Vessel  sconce, or any of my other pieces,  remember the Master Potter and Creator who inspired it...... and spend a little peaceful, thankful time with Him~
Maple Leaf  Sconce
"Sculpted Botanical Pottery created to reflect Gods glory as seen in nature"
Traditional Fall

Brown and Gold

Red, Brown and Gold

Summer  Green and Midnight Blue not pictured

"Botanical Pottery & Sculpture created to reflect Gods glory as seen in nature"
Earthen Vessels Pottery    2006