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Calla Lily Platters
 Maple Basket

Botanical Pottery & Sculpture created to reflect Gods glory as seen in nature
Earthen Vessels Pottery
My Double Calla Lily platters are made from the impressions of two extra large leaves from plants that grow very close to the ocean cliffs in what we call "Lily Field Soil". This soil is found in only a few select areas of brookings. When I find a plant growing in it the leaves & flowers are always sensationally large! I only make a limited number of these unique platters each season as the leaves that grow big enough to make them are rare. 

Single Lily Platter
Sunflower Platter
My Sunflower Platters are made from the leaves of those Old Fashioned Giant Sunflowers you used to see growing in Grandmas Veggie Garden.
I got ahold of some Heirloom seeds and now they grow in "my" Veggie Garden! 

Small Hydrangea Leaf Wall Vases
Thimble Berry Leaf 
Tea Rests
Small Hydrangea Leaf Tea Rests
Large Hydrangea Leaf Dish Sets
in pastels
Large Hydrangea Leaf Dish Sets
in earth tones
Earthen Vessels Pottery,  Copywright  2006