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2016 Festivals  Schedule
Currently applying to various shows and art festivals.
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  • Northwest Flower and Garden show, Seattle, Washington; Feb.  17, 18, 19, 20, 21

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Highway 101
Brookings, OR
Earthen Vessels Pottery,  Copywright  2006 
Artist Profile
Welcome to Earthen Vessels Pottery.  I'm Michelle, the artist behind  the "One of a Kind" sculpted botanical pottery featured in this website. 

My pieces are all inspired by the natural wonder God created all around me in the quaint costal town of Brookings, Oregon where I live.  This town is known as the "Banana Belt" of the Oregon Coast, making it ideal for the leaves and flowers I use in my work.

The pieces of art you see above were all made from various leaves and flowers pressed into midfire stoneware clay.  I create most of my pieces individually from hand cut impressions, while others are partially or fully sculpted.

I use a special  glazing technique I developed which utilizes the color theory behind how a water color painting is developed.  Through water color theory I can achieve incredible depth, variety, and brilliance of color.  However, by applying my glazes like this, I am not able to exactly replicate the glazed appearance of any two pieces of pottery, which makes each piece truly "one of a kind."

I strive to make pieces of art which are high in quality, very unique and yet  affordable.  I have always been attracted to gallery quality art when enjoying the work of other artists, and have driven myself to only present pottery which is comparable in quality, yet still affordable for the average person.

My artwork is only available at the few selected shows I attend each year, online, and at only a select few local outlets along the Southern Oregon and  Northern California Coast.  (Please see my show schedule below)

Thanks for visiting this web site, and I hope you enjoy my unique art! 
Michelle Curtis

Earthen Vessels Pottery
P.O. Box 4043
Brookings, Oregon 97415


"Botanical Pottery & Sculpture created to reflect Gods glory as seen in nature"